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Editorial Board and Associates

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board consists of an elected (via FERSA) student Chief Editor (and a potential Deputy Editor), a team of student volunteers (including associates who are affiliated with institutions other than the University of Cambridge), and two advisory faculty staff members.

Editorial board 2019

Chief Editor: Elizabeth Killen

Deputy Editor: Hogai Aryoubi

Research Communications Officer: Giovanna Lucci

Sub-editors: Olivia Marsh, Emily Goodacre

The current faculty advisors are Prof. Susan Robertson and Dr. Louis Major.

Past editorial boards

2017-2018: Maria Tsapali & Tanya M. Paes

2016-2017: Meghna Nag Chowdhury & Charleen Chiong Ning

2015-2016: Siddharth Pandey

2014-2015: Megan D. Walberg

2013-2014: Megan D. Walberg

CORERJ Associates 2019:

CORERJ Associates support the activities of the journal including peer review and open review. CORERJ is currently recruiting Associates for 2019. To sign up, please complete this form

Lists of CORERJ Associates from previous years can be found here.  

Peer Review

The CORERJ peer review process is conducted by at least two reviewers for each article. This includes a number of both academic and student volunteers from all over the world, who review and/or edit two to three articles per academic year. 

Reviewer registration and review forms

If you would like to become a peer reviewer for CORERJ, please complete the Reviewer Registration Form.

If you are a registered reviewer and have been assigned an article, please complete the following Peer-Review Form.

For more information about open reviewing, please click here or visit our open-review website here.