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CORERJ Editorial Board and Readership (CEBR) Award


The purpose of this award is to acknowledge exceptional works submitted to CORERJ. Instituted in 2016, the award will be presented annually. For the first CEBR award, articles from both Volumes 1 and 2 have were considered.


Below are suggested criteria to guide voters' selections:

  • Well-articulated (e.g., logical, accessible to non-specialist audiences, clear and well-developed argumentation)
  • Engaging (e.g., sustains attention, makes connections across multiple disciplines)
  • Innovative (e.g., use of new types of research methodologies, presents solutions to current or foreseen challenges in education)
  • Significance and practical value (e.g., the findings have obvious practical applications, such as improving pedagogical practices or policies)

List of CEBR Award recipients

2016: Geetha Marcus, for her paper "Marginalisation and the Voices of Gypsy/ Traveller Girls" (Volume 2)

2017: Rebecca Nambi, for her paper "Negotiating the Incorporation of Multimodal Materials in Literacy Learning: Some Observations in One Secondary School in Uganda" (Volume 3)